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Start Small, Start Today

· Motivation

Start small - The goal looks scary and complex. How to do it? Well, starting small is the only way to attain our goals.

When to start? While yesterday is more often than not the ideal day to have started, the next best thing is to start today, foregoing the usual excuses we allow ourselves. Why? Because today is at our disposal, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. So never postpone taking action. Start now and start small to realize your big dreams.

How to start? Any goal or project, regardless of its size, can be broken down into a series of manageable tasks. Starting small is the most important aspect of realizing a vision that seems impossible to achieve, especially when the alternative is to not start at all. Want to take part in the 100km Oxfam Trail Walker? It's achievable, as long as you get out of the door and onto the hills, and put in the effort one step at a time. When you conquer each task, roar like a lion and congratulate yourself for jump starting your journey towards your vision. Haven't you heard? Rome was not built in a day.

You can climb it, if you can see it

To put it in perspective, let's say you want to do the steep climb to Lantau Peak from Ngong Ping in Lantau island. No doubt it's a very steep climb and knees could be trembling at the very thought. Not if you start small, start climbing smaller hills and build up your confidence to climb the Lantau Peak.


All you require is conditioning your mind and stretch yourself a bit to achieve your dreams. Without stretching and without sweating it out on our goals, could we really achieve them?


With repeated attempts, climb up the 1st hill of cable car rescue trail. Once you reach on top, do yourself a favour. Do not take the easy choice of descending and go home. Push yourself to complete all the way to Ngong Ping. Is it easy? Not at all. However, you will soon realize that the remaining hills are not so tough as the first hill. Isn't life same? Nothing is easy for many of us. We have to work for it to achieve our dreams, if we are in the habit of dreaming. But, think of the joy and self-confidence you achieve once you complete the whole rescue trail and reach Ngong Ping by pushing yourself. Will you get it, if you gave up and went back home from 1st hill?


Once you reach Ngong Ping on the cable car rescue trail from Yat Tung, you will feel good and cast your eyes on the steep climb to Lantau Peak. Why not? You deserve the views and experience from the mountain top. Go ahead, stretch yourself and get on the top.

This is applicable in everything. You deserve to be on the mountain top in everything you do. It's not easy, but not at all that difficult as you might think. It's about visualizing, starting small, and starting today.