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· Safety Culture,Over Confidence,Complacency,Motivation,Loss Prevention

High profile marine accidents have occurred with very experienced seafarers of all nationalities while we could use experience, which is nothing but gold to our advantage to do pristine work.

Walking in lovely countryside of Hertfordshire in autumn, passion on loss prevention and turning around mindsets has resulted in this talk. This is dedicated to the seafarers and managers of the maritime industry.

Accidents don’t give notice and it doesn’t need to happen if we remain aware and alert. We can save precious lives, resources, avoid losses and safeguard the reputation of our industry, where voyages are made by seafarers with impeccable safety record except for the very negligible number of infamous voyages with loss of lives, damage to marine environment and industry losses, while transprting 90% of all world trade over sea. High Profile Marine Accidents have occurred to Very Experienced Seafarers of All Nationalities.