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Disruptions in life can be positive for failing forward successfully

· Motivation,Leadership

Disruptions in life can be positive for failing forward successfully with much more vigour.

Inspiring people to get from here to there, by sharing some personal experiences, in my video (from Hertfordshire) without any chocolate or fancy wrapping. Was never hesitant to relate my failure stories to my colleagues at work, as a part of people development and inspiring my colleagues to lead at ‘Level 4 Leadership’ of the 5 Levels of Leadership of John C. Maxwell

Just like the iceberg which is 90% invisible above water, 90% of the efforts and processes, one goes through in life will be invisible. Disruptions, challenges, failures, unpleasant and anxious situations, uncertainty could all be daunting. However with resilience and perseverance, we could use the disruptions and unpleasant situations in our lives, to get up, roar like a lion, leap ahead and hit the ground running to look back and have a laugh about those challenging situations.

There’s no easy way. While it’s really tough for many people (at work and in personal life) to give/receive adverse feedback without chocolate, it’s an utmost essential aspect of mentoring people/making lasting behavioural and professional change to unleash their potential.

I would like to hear your experience and like to learn how you overcame your disruptions in life. Our story might be helpful for few others. Isn’t it good if we can share our experience, to leave people better than we found them.

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