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Bulk carrier safety by design, not by accident

· Bulk Carrier Safety

It was good to participate in this interactive webinar on 27 January 2021 and present on safety of bulk carriers.

Build Ships and Terminals for trade with People Centered Approach

  • Design, build, equip ships with focus on trade and people. Design ships for operational efficiency for 20~25 years
  • Design the Ports and Terminals for the crew to trade the ships safely and call without undue stress

Industry stake holders need to support the crew and treat them with dignity, respect and compassion

  • End piracy, corruption, harassment and de-motivation of crew with fines, unreasonable PSC defects & detention
  • Engage, empower and collaborate with crew to perform their tasks with passion and focus on what matters
  • Empathize with crew, who endure the challenges of sea, the boredom and monotony of sea life

to make seafaring attractive for crew and youngsters to sustain shipping and safety at sea. Happy crew will run safe ships.

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