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Begin with the End in Mind

Minister inspects the wreck site with the salvage crane in place

(photo courtesy -the Government of Mauritius)

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Begin with the "End in Mind" and avoid finger pointing and accusations

Although 99.99% of merchant ships and seafarers transport 90% of worldwide trade by sea safely, accidents happen when people don't take action with the "end in mind". Eg: Wakashio, Giant Step, Couger Ace, Costa Concordia, Cosco Busan, Rena...etc.

Complacency and negligence by the experienced officers on board the Wakashio and reactive actions by the owners & managers comes to mind while reading about the finger-pointing in the courtroom.
Master & C/Officer were on bridge, as she ran aground. Master & Officers, who were busy with birthday party and phone calls on the bridge while navigating 2 nm offshore may be regretting their unsafe behavior.
Similar maneuvers were done in 2019 sailing near islands for mobile range! Did they ask Ship Owners/Managers to provide internet on board, if crew couldn’t sail without wifi at sea? Did Owners decline?
It’s a shame that owners and managers of such expensive assets with no internet, have no compassion for seafarers and expect them to sail without internet on board, while they can't live without it on shore. Why do these Owners (hopefully a fraction) think that seafarers don’t need it?
Casualty investigation report by the Panama flag state is long overdue.